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VAAPITI is a double sailing canoe. It's 8 meters long
4 metres wide. It is capable of accommodating up to 8
passengers and two crew members.
This Va'a brings Polynesian navigation back to life in our lagoons. It will allow you to
connect to culture while sharing values to create unique moments.
- Introductions to traditional navigation. Depending on the level of each, we will teach you to hoist the sails and take a course while discovering the history of the dugout
- The discovery of marine flora and fauna. Snorkeling equipment is available on board.
- Tasting local specialties. Refreshments are always present on board (juice, seasonal fruit) and we can prepare meals on request.
An activity for all
-Tourists, wanting to do a significant activity during their stay in Moorea: this activity will allow them to discover the lagoon and Polynesian culture in a more authentic way while enjoying an exceptional ship.
- Locals wishing to discover or rediscover an ancestral tradition mixed with an awareness of environmental protection.
- Polynesian sailing enthusiasts wishing to take ownership of the Maohi culture will learn to hoist the sails, take a course, use the wind to get around and many other sailing experiences
Details of offers
-Tour 1/2 day: We offer to make you live an authentic experience by introducing you to Polynesian navigation.
(learn to hoist the sails, to take a course, use the wind to move ...) stopping in places steeped in history and rich in biodiversity (sandbanks, rays and sharks, tropical fish, motu, submerged tiki and some secret spots) from (7am to 11am) or from (2pm to 6pm) Price: 8000 XPF /person
- 2-hour tour: We offer a two-hour va'a outing combining lagoon exploration and Polynesian navigation.
Price: 4,000 XPF per person
- Sunrise and Sunset: For lovers of light, we offer a tour to watch the sunrise (5am to 8am) or sunset (3pm to 6pm). You can prepare breakfast, serve cocktails or adapt to all your requests. Price: 7000 XPF/person
- Privatization of the va'a: Depending on the specific requests, Vaapiti will be able to organize outings for groups, couples, associations, companies. From 50,000 XPF


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