You can't get any better than this boat if you're a seasoned fisherman.
It is very stable, whatever the conditions at sea, and is overeeefor fishing: gps sounder, cane holders, outtrigers, gaffe, fish tank, etc. You'll have everything on hand!
With a capacity of 600 litres of fuel and two engines, you can go for long fishing on the high seas.
It is also arranged in an optimum way, so you can easily spend the whole day picnicking while being comfortably seated.


Please refuel before 4:00 p.m., because at that time the station closes its doors.
You should also plan to deposit a deposit of 240,000 XPF and your driving licence

Maururu roa!

Booking policy

Cancellation policy: Flexible


  • Boat
  • Boat type: Polyester boat
  • Size of boat: 6 à 10m
  • Crew
  • Boarding capacity: 0 to 10 people

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